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Better patent information for Aussie inventors

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Sunday, 29 May 2011


Innovative Australians will find it quicker and cheaper to find the information that will help them protect their inventions, thanks to a new online tool.

eDossier also provides greater transparency of government decision making and ensures inventors and those interested in discovering Australia’s impressive innovation history have the best tools for the job.

IP Australia has upgraded its AusPat search engine with the new eDossier tool to give free access to a wide range of patent documents.

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said it was another way of providing world’s best technology to our innovators.

“Australian innovators are continually pushing the boundaries, so investing in the right support tools for them when they need patent information and protection is a solid investment in our innovation future,” Senator Carr said.

“eDossier offers free online access to patent case files for the first time.

“Our innovators can now view patent documents without wading through hundreds of pages, see what their competitors are doing and keep informed of patent developments as soon as they unfold.”

Previously, inventors applying for document access would pay a fee, wait seven days and then receive a paper copy of the information. Now, multiple documents can be retrieved and downloaded in a single bookmarked PDF.

Senator Carr said that IP Australia initiatives like eDossier were removing barriers for all Australians and saving innovators valuable time and considerable costs.

“Supporting the IP system with new tools like eDossier and AusPat has never been more important - IP can help address major issues like climate change, food security and health,” Senator Carr said.

“A successful and sustainable economy like Australia’s needs a strong IP system to protect its great ideas.”

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