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Panorama of the pacific display on Papua and New Guinea for Hobart

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(Statement by the I!!inister for External Territories,

the Hon. C.E. Barnes, I. P.)

The Papua and New Guinea exhibit which was a highlight of the Panorama of the Pacific at the Royal Easter Show at Sydney this year will be on display at the Royal Hobart Show from 20th to 25th October.

Announcing this today, the Minister for External Territories, Lr Barnes, said that the exhibit strikingly illus-trates the progress achieved in Papua and New Guinea in the space of one lifetime.

The display covers three periods - the Territory's early history, between the wars and development since `,orld '.+ ar II.

Unusual features of the exhibit include a large-scale model haus tambaran built in the Sepik District and a huge tambaran pole depicting the origins of the Sepik people.

The tambaran pole, donated by Commonwealth-New Guinea Timbers Ltd., was carved by Sepik craftsmen at the Company's plywood factory in Bulolo.

I'iir Barnes said that the exhibit was part of the pro-gramme to ma-1 Australians more aware of what had been achieved in Papua and New Guinea in a relatively short space of time in spite of two world wars and the depression.

He added that many dedicated Australians had given their lives to the task and since the end of World War II Australia had contributed some w1,000 million towards the advancement of the i er •ritory and its people.

A Papuan and New Guinean, Kr Kevin I.asive (23), will be among the staff of the Department of External Territories at the exhibit. Mr I,asive, born in the Eastern Highlands District, is Assistant Extension Officer with the Department of Information and Extension Services, Port Moresby. He has just completed a three months audio-visual aids training course with the South Pacific Commission in Fiji.

Kr Masive has spent one week in Canberra at the Department of External Territories where he received orientation training for the Territory's exhibit at Hobart.




Extracts from Captain Cook's Diary relating to his discovery and naming of Norfolk Island are featured in another section of the display devoted to Norfolk Island.

Up-to-date publications on the Australian Territories will be available at the display.



18 October, 1970