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Navy News Information

5/69 3 o - 141


The fast military transport, HMAS SYDNEY, will leave Sydney on February, 3rd for Vietnam with 500 men of the 5th

Battalion, R.AR.

It will be the second visit to Vietnam for the 5th

Battalion, which comprises regulars and . national servicemen In May, 1966, the Battalion arrived in Vietnam with

the first national Servicemen to be committed overseas by the

Australian Government.

The 5th Battalion will relieve the 1st Battalion in Vietnam.

Known as the "Tiger" Battalion, because of its tiger mascot, the 5th. is commanded by Lt. Col. C.M. Kahn.

Of the 500 men sailing this time, 91 have served in

Vietnam with the Battalion on its first tour, while 30 have served there with other units.

CANBERRA 30th Januar T 1969