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Commonwealth practical training scheme for Papuans and New Guineans in Australia

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(Statement by the Minister for External Territories, the Hon. C.E. Barnes, M.P.)

The first two Papuans and New Guineans to complete their training under the Commonwealth Practical Training Scheme in Australia will meet the Minister for External Territories, Mr Barnes, in Canberra today.

The trainees are Messrs Vali Ivali, 32, and Diari Auani, 23, both of whom are employed by the Stores and Supply Branch of the Department of the Treasury in Papua and New Guinea.

Both men have been attached to the Sydney Office of the Department of External Territories since early April for training in purchasing and stores procedures. They return to Port Moresby next week.

Mr Barnes said that between March and September, 27 Papuans and New Guineans had arrived for practical training. Seventeen of them had gone to New South Wales, three to the A.C.T., three to Victoria and four to Queensland.

During 1970-71 it was expected that 75 would be brought to Australia under the Commonwealth Practical Training Scher.:o. The Commonwealth budget provided an allocation of $148,000 for this financial year.

Mr Barnes said that the main objective of the Scheme was to provide Papuans and New Guineans with a range of training and experience which would enable them to upgrade the levelof their skills and to advance more rapidly to positions of greater complexity and responsibility.

It would also assist in strengthening links between Papua and New Guinea and Australia.

Training in Australia under the Scheme would be given only in fields where it was not available in the Territory or could be better provided in Australia.

Trainees range from persons at the skilled trade and technician levels to those occupying professional and senior administrative positions.

Mr Barnes said that it was hoped to substantially increase numbers of trainees in future years.

CANBERRA. A.C.T. (Mr Barnes is seeing Messrs Ivali PORT MORESBY. T.P.N.G. and Auani at 3.30 p.m. in his office at Parliament House). c4DI4 ptember, 1970.