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Flats for migrants

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Flats For Migrants

In a joint statement issued today the Conmon T;:ealth Minister for Housing,

Dame Annabelle Rankin and the Premier, the Hon. R. Stee ]e Hall of South Australia,

announced that work would soon commence on a block of twelve 2-bedroom flats

for migrant families. This will be the first block to be built in South

Australia under the Commonwealth's scheme to improve the standard of transitory

accommodation available to newly-arrived migrant families.

The scheme was introduced to enable migrants to lead a normal family life

while they settle into the community and seek private accommodation. The

maximum period of occupancy of a flat is six months.

The first flats will be built at Black Forest. They have been designed

by the Housing Trust, which will also supervise construction,: and the units

will be of a standard and size comparable with normal Housing Trust flats.

Rents will be comparable with Housing Trust rents for similar accommodation.

Dame Annabelle complimented the Minister of Housing, Mrs Steele, and the.

Housing Trust on the efficient and helpful co-operation that has been extended

to the Commonwealth in the development of the project at Black Forest .

It is expected that a second project consisting of six 2- bedroom and

twelve 3-bedroom units will be commenced at 7ayville in the near future. Sub-sequently, an additional eighteen or twenty flats will be built.

The Premier and Dame Annabelle said that careful attention had been given

to the location of the flats to ensure that the occupants will have convenient

access to centres of employment.



Mr Hall said that the decision of the Commonwealth Government to erect

flats for migrants in South Australia meant a great step forward in the State's

efforts to attract additional migrants. The present high growth in industrial

development could only be maintained by an increasing work force. "To

continue to attract migrants to our work force we have to be in a position

to offer them satisfactory accommodation immediately upon arrival", he said.

He was delighted that the strong representations he had made to th, Commonwealth

Government had resulted in the decision to construct these flats.

CANBERRLL, 16 April 1970.