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University scholarships in the A.C.T. 1970 awards

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UliTV RSITY SCHOLARSHIPS IN . i u A.C.T. T0 n '7I' i ' ^7

The 3.iinister for Education and Science 1:1r. Nigel Bowen

announced today the names of the :rinners of the scholarships for


A total of 140 candidates at the 1969 T.S.K. Higher

School Certificate and other equivalent examinations competed for

the trienty (20) scholarships a;7arded. -

The scholarship entitles the holder to have all

compulsory university fees paid. In addition an allowance of

200 p.a. is paid :where the de ee course is given at the Australian

National University. If it is not available-at the Australian

$ National University the allo ance is increased to $500 p.a.

Sixteen (16) of the scholarship :winners intend to take

their university courses at the Australian national University,

three (3) at the University of He y, South ,= gales and one (1) at the

University of Sydney.

The names of the ninneTs are as follow:

BSIN T, Catherine

CiU.F=RON, John Ian

CLARK, D,vid Alexander


CLYNES, Adrian James

DENWISS, Alan Robert

ED'J 4DS, -.Jar,:ick Alyn

GILLIES, Argylee Douglas Ste;,axt

HAWLE"Y, Roll e George

ISO. Y, Diana Nary

LATHII, Linda i,it.ry Joan


- 2 -

LE COUiEUR, Caroline Liararet

LO ,iEGA, 1!,3.1,.7.x'een

IicGLirI2SS, Stephen Francis

I.fl `CALF, Amanda Jane

PIC10EPJNG, Ann i:iargaret

PLUSSELL, John Jillicm

=:1S, irIaria,n June

STEP, Peter John

SiTIZE , $, Kim i:iacGregor

Depa r tment of Education an Science

9 January_ 1970