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Press release

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The Commonwealth Department of Housing has issued the first

of a series of Reference Papers on topics of interest to the home

building industry.

Reference Paper No.1 is entitled 'Metric Changeover in the

British Construction Industry' and outlines the reasons leading to the

adoption of the metric system of measurement in Britain, its advantages,

and the programme undertaken for the changeover in the construction


The paper does not seek to detail the process by which

conversion may occur in Australia, but the programme under way in

Britain is of considerable interest here, because the Australian build-ing industry is just starting on the metrication process.

The paper contains a bibliography of the main British public-ations on the changeover affecting the construction industry.

Copies of Reference Paper No.1 are available free from the

Commonwealth Department of Housing, P.O. Box 690, Canberra City 2601, or

from Regional Offices of the Department in each State.

CANBERRA 30 June 1970