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Duntroon Primary School

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The Minister for Education and Science, Mr Nigel Bowen, announced today that the Duntroon Primary School will be closed at the end of the school year and the catchment area for Duntroon integrated with that of the Campbell Primary School at the beginning of the 1971 school year.

Mr Bowen said that the main reasons for closing the Duntroon Primary School were:-(a) Declining enrolments leading to difficulties in maintaining adequate staffing and class arrangements.

(b) The unsuitability of some buildings used by the school.

(c) The increasing nuisance--created T h y --aircraft noise.

Mr Bowen pointed out that enrolments at Campbell Primary School had remained stable in recent. years and at present total 560 pupils in 17 classes. He said that a study of future enrolment trends for the school indicated a significant decline over the next five years and that the amalgamation of the two schools will ensure the continuance of a strong and viable situation at Campbell. Enrolments at Campbell for the beginning of the 1971 school year are expected to total 650 pupils.

The proposals have been discussed with the Parents and Citizens' Associations of both schools, and given their full support, Mr Bowen said. Action will now be taken to work out the detailed arrangements for additional classrooms which will be required for the next few years, and other necessary arrangements at Campbell.

Mr Bowen said that he understood the two Parents and Citizens' Associations will meet to discuss details connected with the integration of the two schools next year. He thought that the materials and equipment which the Duntroon Association has been

instrumental in obtaining for the Duntroon School would probably be transferred to Campbell Primary School.

Mr Bowen stated that no decision had yet been made about the future of the Duntroon Primary School buildings.

20 August 1970