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Appointment of the Metric Conversion Board

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The Commonwealth Minister for Education and Science, Mr Nigel Bowen, announced today names of those appointed to the recently created Metric Conversion Board which will be responsible for planning and guiding Australia's changeover

to the Metric System of measurement.

The members of the Board are —

Mr J.D. Norgard (Chairman) Mr A.F.A. Harper (Executive Member) Mr C.R. Bunning, C.B.E. Mr J.O.G. Glastonbury

Mr G.M. Hastie Sir Albert Jennings Mr F.J. McAvoy, C.B.E.

Mr D.L. McBride Dame Mabel Miller, D.B.E. Mr N.N. Robertson, C.B.E. Mr W.I. Stewart Mr J.H. Watson Mr A.J. Woods

The Minister stated that members of the Board had been chosen primarily on grounds of experience and ability, but as well their interests embrace many area that would be heavily involved in the changeover.

It was the Government's intention, the Minister said, that the Board should be able to advise on how conversion might be effected to the best advantage of the community as a whole. There would be close consultation with interests in each sector

of the community throughout conversion, and it could be expected that extensive use would be made of specialist advisory committees conceKned with conversion in particular sectors.

The Minister added that every effort would be made to protect the interests of the public during the changeover, and one of the specific tasks of the Board would be to report attempts by individuals or groups to take any unfair advantage of the man

in the street.

The Board held its first meeting today to begin preliminary planning for the changeover.

4 July, 1970