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Apprenticeship training in the A.C.T.

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The Minister for Education and Science, Mr Nigel Bowen, Q.C., M.P., announced today that he had approved recommendations of the A.C.T. Apprenticeship Board concerning the basic four-year period of apprenticeship training in the A.C.T. and the credits to be awarded against the basic period

for meritorious performance on the job and at the Canberra Technical College,

The Minister stated that the shorter period which applied to all apprenticeships commenced since 1 July 1968 may now be applied to apprenticeships which commenced between 1 July 1967 and 30 June 1968. The parties of each indenture

affected by this approval will be invited to agree mutually to the reduced period of apprenticeship by an endorsement of the indentures. The Registrar of the Apprenticeship Board will be writing to each apprentice and employer concerned in the near future.

The period of apprenticeship may be reduced as a result of credits awarded for meritorious performance on the job and at the Canberra Technical College. The Board has pro-posed and the Minister has approved that this reduction shall be effected in the apprenticeship year following that in which

the award is earned,

Each year in which an apprentice gains an overall mark of 75 percent or better in his Technical College examin-ations his employer will be invited to report to the Board whether his performance on the job and the level of trade

experience he has gained warrants a reduction in the period which the apprentice should serve during the next year of his apprenticeship. Should the employer agree that this reduction

is warranted the apprentice will complete his next apprentice-ship year in 8 months instead of 12.

Performance during both 1968 and 1969 Technical College examinations will be taken into account in the initial review. The change in status in this first review will be effective from the date the Board decides to award credits in respect of these results. It will be seeking, without delay,

employer's reports on apprentices who gained average marks of 75 percent or better in these examinations.

The Minister expressed the hope that these conditions will offer further encouragement to boys and girls with good school records and the necessary aptitude to seek employment as apprentices. He felt sure that with the co-operation of

employers these conditions will enable the number of qualified tradesmen to be increased more quickly than would have been possible under the former conditions, without any reduction in their quality.

15 May 1970