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Continued expansion in Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory schools

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The I ini ter for Education and Science, l r. Nigel ow en, announced today that total school enrols nts in tli.- Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory (excluding secial schooLs for

Aboriginal children) increased in 1969 by 9I0 and 11.6% respectively over the previous year, compared with an overall Aus.raiian increase of 2.5%.

Ni'. Bowen drew attention to these incrtaces when releasing the 1969 issue of : r_ annual booklet '"Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory: Education 3tatis vicc" . he pointed out that this booklet

includes infor!ia Lion on both government and non-

government schools in the two territories.

-he hooklet :«,w that

in total school enrolment in Territory of 44.0% in the last an overall Auotralian increase

in secondary enrolmer.ts in the occurred in the same pericd.

there ha been a growth the Australian Caaita l five years compared with

of 11.8;4. A 55.6% increase A'?staliar Capital Territory

The numbers of governrnent schools in the Australian Capital Territory- ircre ed from 28 in 1965, to 41 in 1969. The :umber of non-government schools increased from 1'? to 20 in the sane period.. In addition there were 40:

pre--school centres in the Australian Capital Territory in


Tot . school enrolments in the Northern Territory were 56.6% greater in 1969 than in l9`5 due drily to

the rapid i^oru.l tic; growth in the Territory in recent years. There were 26 government co;r nun Lt y schools, 5 nan^g vernmen t schools, and 14 overncent pre-school cetrec

i.n the = orthern territory in 1969.

I^r. Eewen said that copies of t C booklet can be ; bt .tned from the Department of ;',cation and clan e, Canberra.

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