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The Department of Education and Science regrets the interruption to the education of the students at Dickson High School and Canberra High School because of the refusal of the staff at these schools to teach during the last period of Friday, 6 March. Neither the headmaster nor the Department was e informd beforehand of the teachers' intention. V

Dickson High School is at present fully staffed to the establishment regarded by the Department as reasonable. It is true that there has been a reduction in establishment since school opened on 27 January. The number of staff appointed at the be-ginning of term was based on an enrolment of 806 pupils, the 1970

enrolment estimate given in August 1969. In the event, actual enrolments for 1970 proved to be 759. The staffing establishment was therefore reduced proportionately and is now 42 teachers. Adjustments of this type are carried out at the beginning of every school yea! and it should be noted that where in other high schools in Canberra actual enrolments proved to be higher than anticipated, additional staff were appointed to these schools.

In determining how many. teachers Vrill be appointed -to a . . particular school, account is taken of several factors, chief of which are the number of forty-minute periods each teacher is expected to spend before a class and the number of pupils in each class. The number of forty-minute periods per five-day week expected of a deputy headmaster is 14, of a subject master is 22 and of an assistant teacher 28 while class loads vary from a maximum of 40 in Form 1 to a maximum of 25 in Form 60

Department of Education and Science

10 March 1970