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Transcript of doorstop interview: Melbourne: 11 April 2011: Red Shield Appeal; Australian Defence Force; Budget

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THE HON WAYNE SWAN MP Acting Prime Minister Treasurer

Doorstop Melbourne

11 April 2011


SUBJECTS: Red Shield Appeal; Australian Defence Force; Budget

TREASURER: The Salvos are there every single day of every single month for Australians who fall behind. So I urge Australians to dig deep this year. Australians have been extraordinarily generous with their response to the floods and cyclones and bushfires

right around Australia, but we’ve got an ongoing need. We’ve got a prosperous economy but there are people who do fall behind and prosperity doesn't necessarily spread to every postcode, and of course many people do it tough for a variety of reasons. So there’s an ongoing need for support for great charitable organisations like the Salvos.

JOURNALIST: Don Voelte’s comments, Woodside Petroleum, with regards to the carbon tax scheme are quite disparaging. What do you make of those?

TREASURER: We’ll work our way through the issues. Energy-intensive, trade-exposed industries certainly will receive support as we move to a trading scheme through a fixed price. These are issues we’re working our way through with the business community at the moment.

JOURNALIST: On the Defence Force scandals, (inaudible)?

TREASURER: I understand that the Minister for Defence will be talking about these matters later today.

JOURNALIST: (Inaudible)

TREASURER: Well, we’ve certainly got some challenges in the budget - challenges which flow from the floods and the cyclones and a weaker economy which is a result of that, and events in Japan. That will mean that revenues are down caused by flood and cyclones and a weaker economy but the underpinnings of our economy are strong. But in the short term we’ve got challenges to revenue which will be reflected in the budget bottom line.

JOURNALIST: Are they convenient excuses?

TREASURER: They are facts and it is a fact that we’ve had floods and cyclone combined with events in Japan which have had a significant effect upon domestic production

which in turn reflects in lower company tax and lower personal income tax, they’re just facts. Thanks very much.