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Djakarta: speech by President Suharto at dinner given by the Prime Minister, Mr John Gorton

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14 JUNE 1968

Your Excellency Prime Minister Gorton and Madame Gorton, Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Honourable Guests:-

After having been in the capital of Djakarta for a few days, Your Excellency Prime Minister Gorton and Madame Gorton are going to visit some areas of Indonesia. I am convinced that this visit to the other areas will be very useful: Your Excellency will then be able to know better the Indonesian people, and their culture: you will know each other better from heart to heart:

you will better understand their everyday problems and their efforts to overcome them. Above everything else Your Excellency and your party will even more enjoy the friendly atmosphere as is the wish of the Indonesian people. I am sure

that you will feel all these things even better, because among your party there is somebody for whom it will be easier to understand them, namely Madame Gorton who speaks Indonesian fluently.

It is indeed an honour, it is even very moving for the Indonesian people that this time - outside the Malay race - we have a State guest who is well versed in our language and who has a thorough knowledge of the Indonesian culture. I feel that Mrs. Gorton's fluency and her knowledge of the Indonesian language are a manifestation of the friendly feelings and the understanding of the Australian people about the Indonesian people.

In the last two years these bonds of friendship have become even more visible: an exchange of visits among officials and leaders of our two nations have taken place, also among private persons. Indonesia has also. received financial, and technical help and other forms of assistance which are very useful for us and which we value very highly. But much more important than material

help are the deeper foundations as I see them, foundations which are manifestations of an understanding from Australia about the problems which are being faced by the Indonesian people at present. Indeed the Indonesian nation is at present focussing her attention and her ability to bring about economic stability, and on

the basis of this economic stability we will soon begin with development in the true sense of the word. We fully realise that in developing Indonesia's economy emphasis must be laid upon the mobilisation of our own forces. However, we are also fully aware of all the limitations which are still binding us: so that foreign assistance and co-operation have a considerable influence in accelerating

efforts by the Indonesian nation in developing their economic potentialities.

I sincerely appreciate the fact that Your Excellency during this visit has been able better to understand the problems which we are facing. This understanding can be seen very clearly during our discussions which I held with Your Excellency this afternoon, especially with regard to relations between our

two nations and Indonesia's efforts to improve her economic facilities. ^ , The open discussions and heart-to-heart talks held between us concerning international problems in general and about Asia in particular are indeed very useful. Our exchange of thoughts have convinced me that the future of the friendship between

our two nations is extremely hopeful and that it contains many useful possibilities for both parties.

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With regard to relations between nations in the world at present, I get the impression that an exchange of visits between leaders of nations is extremely useful for strengthening the bonds of friendship, because mutual visits bring mutual understanding. It is mutual understanding and mutual esteem that are absolute requisites for the realisation of everlasting peace in the world: With this general picture in mind I believe that Your Excellency would agree with me that your visit to Indonesia this time is truly of great significance for Australia and Indonesia. The results of this visit will become a firm foundation foir,'future friendly relations and co-operation between our two nations and, let us hope

that it will be a positive contribution towards the stabilisation of our area.

Your Excellency Prime Minister Gorton and Madame Gorton, tomorrow Your Excellency and Madame and your party will leave Djakarta to continue your trip to various areas of Indonesia, after which you will be leaving our country. My wife and I very much regret not to be able to accompany you on your further trip in Indonesia. However, I believe that this will not in the least

reduce the value of your observation trip. Therefore, I shall avail myself of this opportunity to wish you a happy journey.

During your visi t we feel that Your Excellency has succeeded in creating a friendly atmosphere towards the Indonesian people: we also hope that when leaving Indonesia Your Excellency will take home with you the friendly feelings of the Indonesian people. On behalf of the people of Indonesia and on

my own behalf, through Your Excellency, I wish to send friendly greetings to the Australian people.

At the end, allow me to invite Your Excellency, Your Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, and all honourable guests to raise your glasses and to drink to the prosperity of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and to the health of Your Excellency and Madame Gorton and your party and to the prosperity and progress of the Australian people.

Thank you.