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The Prime Minister the Riht Honourable J.G. Gorton, I.P., •today announced that the Commonwealth Government would be represented at the main Remembrance Day Ceremonies throughout Australia^by ` the following:-


11 November

10.30.a.m. Commemoration Service at the The Honourable Australian War Memorial J.D. Anthony, M.P.


10 November

11.00 a.m. Service at St. Andrew's The Honourable Cathedral L.H.E. Bury, M.P.

11 November -

10.35 am. Official Wreath Laying Ceremony Senator the Honourable at the Cenotaph G. Colin McKellar

2.15 p.m. Memorial Service at Hyde Park Mr, E.H. St. John,Q.C.,M.P South


10 November

2..30 p.m. March Past Base at the Shrine Mr. P.VT.C.Stokes, of Remembrance E.D., M.P.

11 November

10.30 a.m. Official Wreath laying at the •..The Honourable B.N. Shrine.. of Remembrance Snedden, Q.C., I.I.P.

12.00 p.m. Luncheon for Firgt World War The Honourable B.I.I. Veterans at National Gallery Snedden, Q.C., I.P.


11 November

• 10.45 a.m. Official Wreath laying Service Dr. W.T. Gibbs, LL:. P. Anzac Square ,






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10 November

11.00 a.m. Service, St. 'Prancis Xavier's Senator K.A. Lav„ht 7.00*p.m. Service, St. Peter's CathedralSenator G. Davidson 11 November

10.30 a.m. Wreath laying Ceremony, National Mr. I. Wilson,I-:I. P. War Memorial PERTH

10 November

11.00 a.m.Service, St. Andrew's Mr. R. Cleaver, P.Z.P. Presbyterian Church 11 November

10.45 a.m. Official Wreath laying ServiceThe Honourable King's Park P.C. Chaney, A.P.C., • HOBART I:2. P.

11 November

10.30 a.m. Official Wreath laying, Mr. T.G. Pearsall, LP. ' Cenotaph, Queens Domain

11.00 a.m. 'Official Observance, Dais Mr. T.G.Pearsall, M.P. Town Hall Steps


8 November, 1968 0.