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Australian council for the arts: grants for 1968-69

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FOR PR 3SS: PM. NO. 99"96


Statement b y the Prime Minister, Mr. John Gorton

I have received from the Chairman of the Australian Council for the Arts the Council's recommendations for grants to be made b y the Commonwealth Government in support of the performing arts in the current fins.n'ial "ear


This is the first year of the Council's existence and it has ?i'. en considerable thought to the proper function for Commonwealth support for the arts in relation to other forms of support. The Commonwealth contribution • is only one among many. The arts belong to the whole communit"

l , and

support for them should come from many sources - from State Governments, from local councils, from public organizations and private Individuals. It is therefore to be hoped that the lead given by the Commonwealth in sponsoring • the arts will encourage support at all lev4ls throughout the Australian

community. In this respect it is heartening to perceive a growing interest by man gy ! States in artistic matters. Splendid buildings are being erected in • many State capirals and considerable help is being given to provide conditions In which the arts can flourish and Australians can take due pride in their • increasing achievements in this field.

The Council is of the opinion that its main concern as a Federal body should be to establish and develop high national standards which will benefit activit y in the, arts throughout Australia and stimulate interest abroad In Australia's cultural achievements. Its concern with quality Is fundamental To this end the Council has adopted a principle widel

y accepted b y similar

bodies In other countries, that high standards can best be achieved b y a

concentr tlon of available funds rather than by a thin spread over a wide area

Much of the Council's work in these earl y stages is exploratory in

nature. It has established working committees to seek expert opinion on its various areas of interest with a view to formulatin7 in the near future long range policies for Go: . ernment support for the arts in Australia. The Government understands that a report will shortl y be forthcoming from the

Council on the work of its film committee which has begun enquiries . into means by which film making for television may be supported.

The Council has received requests for assistance in man y categories

other than the theatre arts to which its grants for this !ear have been restricted It will begin enquiries as soon as possible into the need for assistance in some of these other fields and will advise the Government of its conclusions.

In announcing the Council's recommendations for Y96/69 /69 may I express the Government's pleasure at being associated with activities in the arts which contribute so significantly to the enrichment of Australia's national life and to her reputation in other coun xies.

The grants for '.9hn /6c are as follows: t



1. Professional Training Institutions $

* (a The National Institute of Dramatic Art 26, 003

* (bj The Australian Ballet School 28, 500

(c A training scheme bor theatre administrators 5, 0JJ

2. National Touring Companies

* ^ a) The Australian Ballet 263, 003

* ^ h The Australian Opera 193,003

* (c) The Eli abetaan Trust Orchestra 167, 4JJ

* i ci, The Marionette Taeatre of Australi 30, JOJ

3. Regional and State. Organizations

A Direct Financial Assistance

In N. S. W .

* The Old Tote Theatre Company 49,0

In Victoria

* Melbourne Tier-.tre Company . 73,300

B .11et Victoria 5,030

In South Australia

* South Australian Theatre Company' 19, 003


In C ueens land

* Cueensland Theatre Company (tor a visit by the C1d Tote Theatre Compady, 14, NO

• A Cueensland Schools 'four (by the Old Tote Theatre Company) 5,000

In the A. C. T.

Canberra Tneatre Trust for a visit by the Old

Tote Theatre Comp•>.nyy 1,100

The Canberra 3epertory Society 3,200

• In Western -Australia

• Tae National Theatre at the Playhouse 1cj, 333

The Western Australian Opera Company ; 12,033

West Australian Ballet Company S , 030

In Tasmania

N..tional T_.eatre and Fine Arts Society 23,530

B Assistance for special projects .

A fund to support special projects such as the •

commissioning of new works, productions of

Australian plays, a pool of professional directors, S

performers and other experts connected with the performing arts, and youth activities in his field. 163,030


Y '

t • '

4. Federal Co-ordinatin and Entrepreneurial

•.. ranizations

(a) Australian •- Elizabethan Theatre Trust for administration, • production division, and entrepreneurial activities 227, ?°

(b) The Federal body of the Arts Councils of Australia for administration and support for•national tours 24, '3 33

5. Studies and Reports

U.N. E. S. C. O. Seminar on Public Support for the Performing Arts. 6, 333.

. 6. International Visits from Australia •

(a) The Victorian Universities Choir, to the International. Universities Choral Festival in New York. 15, 3,3

(b) The New Sydney 'Woodwind Quintet to the Festival of Performin Arts in Manile. 5, DOD

(c) The University of Adelaide `mind Quintet, 'tour of America. 7, 030 • •_

7. Festivals

(a) Canberra Spring Music Festival ' 7, 033

(b) Adelaide Festival of Arts 15, 333

(c) Festival of Perth 0 115, 033

(d) Moomba Festival 6, 033

(e) Second :: ustralian UniversitiesArts Festival i coo

2. Aboriginal Activities in the Perfor;nin3 Arts 10, 350

•- Payments to these oranizationa will be made throuh the Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust for this financial year.



11 December 1; 6C.