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Sydney Airport Noise Abaement Committee

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Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation, Senator the Hon. Robert Cotton.

The M inister for Civil Aviation, Senator Cotton, in Sydney today met representatives of in.rested municipalities andathe N.S.W. Government to discuss aircraft noise.

Senator Cotton extended the invitation for the meeting

following his announcement last week of plans to establish Airport

Noise Abatement Committees in Sydney and Melbourne.

These Committees will comprise representatives of the Deportment of Civil .vi^tion, State Government instrumentalities, local governmentr, and the airlines.

They will work at the local level, supplementing the work of existing bodies on the problem of aircraft noise.

Senator Cotton said today that aircraft noise was a problem

of very great concern to him.

"It is one which involves many sections of the community and I am anxious that all those concerned have the opportunity to come together regularly to exchange views and ideas in an attempt to further alleviate the noise problem," Senator Cotton said.

"Only by the widest exchange of views can we be sure that the problem is throughly understood and that the most suitable alleviating measures are developed and improved.

"The purpose of today's meeting in Sydney was to discuss setting up be Airpcirt Noise abatement Committee.

"Australia is a world leader in the study of aircraft noise

and its alleviation," Senator Cotton said.

"A senior officer of the Department as recently appointed chairman of a world conference on aircraft noise, which met in Montreal.

"The department has done an enormous amount of work on the problem and in the lost few weeks has settled on the first

reasonably acceptable formula for assessing aircraft noise

patterns and their effects.

"This system, known as Noise Exposure Forecasting will

greatly assist planners in assuring that appropriate measures

are taken in noise sensitive areas.

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"Using a •combination of measurable factors associated with

aircraft noise, including flight patterns, parts of aircraft,

movement rotes, operating weights on take—off and the use of preferred run—ways, it is possible to calculate a series of contours within which the maximum noise levels and degree

of nuisance can be forecast.

"A l.oise Bixposure Forecast is now be/prepared for Sydney.

"The Parliamentary Select Committee is making its own

valuable investigation into aircraft noise and has already

filed an interim report.

"One of the measures it suggested was a greater effort in

Public Relations to ensure a better understanding of the noise

problem among the community and its affect on community


"This will be one of the important rules of the new

Airport Noise Abatement Committee".

Ca',1V B RRA

December 22, 19 69

FOOTNOTE : Senator Cotton today raet representatives of the municipalities of Randwick, Rockdale, Hurstville, Kogorah, Botany and Marrickville, the Southerland Shire, the State Planning Authority and the Under Secretary for Local Government.