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Computer service for Tasmanian routes

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PRESS o 473


Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation. The Hon. R.V.C. Swartz and the Tasmanian Minister for Transport, Mr. L.H. Besse.]i..

A commuter service operator has applied to take over the

Tasmanian services from which Trans-Australian Airlines has planned to withdraw.

This was announced today by the Minj.ster for Civil Aviation,

Mr. R.V. Swartz, and the Tasmanian Minister for Transport,

Mr. L.H. Bessell.

The Ministers confirmed that T.A.A. had decided to stop its Beechcraft services within Tasmania for economic reasons.

They added that T.A.A. had operated the services at a

loss since they began in 1964.

The airline had reviewed its operations in 1968 but had decided to continue the services.

T.A.A. operated the Beechcraft from Hobart and Launceston to Queenstown, Strahan, Wynyard and Devonport.

The Minister said they were eager to see that air services were continued to those centres.

The commuter service application was receiving urgent consideration.

They stressed, however, that the commuter service operator given permission to fly the route must be cable of maintaining satisfactory services in instrument weather conditions.

The Ministers gave an assurance that T.A.A. woulc continue the services until a commuter service operator was ready to

take over.


June 30. 1969 -P.M. M.