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Night lights for Queensland airports

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Statement by the LLia ster for Civil Aviation, Mr. R.I. GC :artz

Four Queensland airports are to -.. e equipped ; ith run.=ey and

taxiway lights for night o p eration, at a cost of about $70,000.

They arc Archerfield, Birdsville, Proserpine and indorah.

The Minister for Civil Aviation, Mr. R.... ,rartz, announced this


I;ir. S Tartu said that ATcher i eld, an ',cell as being Queensland's

general aviation centre and Brisbane's secondary airport, bas the horse base

of eight charter and fuflying training organisations.

It -,-gas used about four or five times a week for night ilyin -,;hen

kerosene flares were laid by the airport staff.

He added that Birdsville, an isolated cohnu sty in south- est

Queensland, vas an important lira: in Trans-Australia r1: rlines' Channel country services.

It as also a. major en-route port fcr chanter and private operations

between s cuth-east Queensland and the Northorn Territory.

Pr'oserpine was a locally owned Fokker Friendship aerodroI1e used

primarily as a terminal port fromwhich tourists to and from the s:hituunday

Island resorts joined and left the mainlandtiank and regional air sD vices.

Re ular public transport operators provided tiro night services a ; r eek into Pros erpine .

7indorah, another south-t:est Queensland air port, ,: as also used by TAA on its channel country services.

It was a busy general aviation aerodrome and would become the

centre from vr]aich aviation medical services would operate t r i t if recuined.

CANBERRA, 22nd April,1963.