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Committee to examine business jet and freight operations

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(Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation, Lth. R.W. Swartz)

The Commonwealth Government has appointed an inter-departmental

committee to examine business jet and air freight operations in Australia.

The Committee will comprise representatives of the Departments of

Civil Aviation, Prime Minister's, Treasury, and Shipping and Transport.

Announcing this today, the Minister for Civil Aviation, ^r, R.W.Siartz,

said that the Government had recently reviewed proposals for additional .

air service operations within A,: tralia.

However, it had decided that for the time being the status quo

should be preserved.

Mr. Swartz added that as a result of the review, the Government had

decided to appoint the committee to consider, firstly, the operations of

business jet aircraft and their effect on air ine services.

It would then examine air freight se_ prices in Australia including

routes where special freight operations sight be required.

The Committee would meet immediately and the Government would review

the situation after it had studied the committee's recommendations.

Mr. Swartz said the Director-General, of Civil Aviation, Sir Donald

Anderson, had refused applications to import heaves: aircraft into Australia.

This was in accordance with Government policy which was that impart

permits should be refused for all types of aircraft t over 12, 500 lbs except:

• aircraft purchased by _ ustraliarn airlines.

• aircraft in a. specialist aerial work category, such as aerial survey.

• replacement aircraft of a type the equivalent of that currently

operated by char ter licence holders.

• aircraft to be used in genuine private operations provided that

evidence substantiating the use of the aircraft was furnished to

the satisfaction of the Director-General.

CANT S 27 MARCH 1969