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Tariff Board reports

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before 4 p,ni on 23.12 ,.1968.


(Statement by the Deputy Prime Minister

and. Minister for Trade and Industry,

the Rt, Hon. J. McEwen)

The Minister for Trade and Industry today releas,=d

reports of the Tariff Board on printing arid writing paper and

on caseboard and panelboard.

Mr. McEwen said that the Government had ac;oe te .

the Board's recommendations and findings in both repor. Us.

The Minister explained -Shat in its report on iarint n

and writing paper, the Board. had recommended remo v a].. from by^

of certain papers, mainly used for the printing of Iada.z nes,

which were now available from :Local production. The Board

had stated in its report that the by-law changes Would affect

only a small proportion of the total volume of paper used in

magazines and would not have a significant effect on the cost

of book production in Australia. Certain typed of leg ^t-we:.ght

paper would continue to be eligible for by-law concessions.

Mr. McEwen also said that the report on oaseboard.

and panelboard had followed a reference which asked. the Ta-i.ff

Board whether any manufacturer of these goods had taken undl;.e

advantage of the protection afforded him by the Tariff . In ite

report the Board had described the results of its inquiries.

It had submitted a finding that no manufacturer had taken sues

an undue advantage.

Mr. DIcEwen added that the Minister for Customs and

Excise would bring into effect the by-law changes on printing

and writing paper as from 1st January, 1969, and that a limited

number of copies of the reports would be available from the


Department of Trade and Industry in Canberra. The reports

would also be available from Collectors of Customs in all

States as soon as printed copies could be delivered.

Canberra, A.C.T. 23rd December, 1968. 97/68T