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Airport works at Lae

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Stateaent by the Liniste for Civil Avi tion, irr. .,. Sr art t .: c1 the

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A new light n0c::al Dorkinw area ?n? t^..^i.;a:.

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at Lao airport, i er Gain e...

In a joint statement,tod^y , I imister for Civil svi-,tion,

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sac. the :ro_L oulc_ cost a tot:. o :64,000.

The T:L.inis-ce r-s soic: 11Uht _ i rc:C: T t .,cti - it;; at Lao 4 as increasing

the ia'ri c j- - ,.'on 11f_ t i ' .lou1c p_:ovi:,-C u t pavement for aircraft iiCiBlit, ^c>vi-1Ci

p•.Ykin ,n :ilc 'icouv_in ; in an area south Of the :m-'.in to- in,-. cuilCdn ;.

Lae, one of _;e - Ouinev's busiest airports, last ye . r hin leu

almost 5000 aircraft movements.


i.n ULY 27, 9S