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Customs House for Perth airport

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(Statement by the Minister for Civil Aviation, I . . R. W. Swartz)

Perth Airport is to get a new Customs T-`ouse at an estimated

cost of ^' ''l20, 000.

This was announced today by the Minister for Civil Aviation,

:r. . W. Swartz.

The new building, to be separate from the main Perth Terminal,

would provide y erinanent accommodation for Customs officers handing air cargo.

At present, officers of the Customs and Z ise De partment handling

documentation and passenger and air cargo clearance were located in the main

terminal building, Mr. Swartz said.

To improve the flow of p,-ssenger traffic through the termi n al it

had become necessary to provide separate facilities for air or go clearance

operations and other customs activities.

The new building, of single sto:: cy brick construction, would

be erected several hundred yards north - west of the terminal.

Mr. Swartz said t'De building would be designed to allow for easy

extension if rac.ui_ ed at some future date.

He said the Department of Civil Aviation was resonsile for

providing customs f"acilitiss at the air fort.

Perch last year handled lore than 300,000 passengers.

CAI,IBEiutk, February 26th, 1969.