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Talks sought in ICAO on attacks on aircraft

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TALKS SOUGHT INT ICAO ON ATTACKS ON AIRCRAFT (Statement by the inister for Civil Aviation, i •r. . R. W. Swartz)

The Australian Government deplored the attack on an El Al aircraft at

Zurich on February 18th, the Minister for Civil Aviation, 0. A. W. Swartz said


The Australian representative to the International Civil Aviation

Organisation Council had bean instructed to join other countries represented

on the Council in seeking urgent talks on the continued unlawful interference

with the safety of international air navigation.

ir. Swartz said that the next ICAO Council would be held in Montreal

on i ebruary 24th.

He said that Australia had already expressed at T OAD meetings last

month its strongly h' view on the need to ensure the safe movement of

international airline traffic.

Yews of the use of destructive force against passengers, airline

personnel and ecui2ment and the consequent threat to safe operation had been


In the light of recent incidents, ICAO must now, as a matter of urgency,

find ways of having it recognised universally that international air services

must be allowed to operate entirely free from the threat of interference and

att:' ck.

Mr. Swartz said the Government condemned all such in dents no matter

where they took place or who was responsible and urged restraint on all concerned

in the present ditturbed situation.

i LE0 Ui , FEBRUARY ; 24th 1969.


The recent incidents are

July 27, 1968 Ri-jacking of El Al Boeing Jet.

December 26, 195 9 Attack on El Al Boeing at Athens Airport.

December 28, 1968 Raid on Beirut Airport; destruction of 13 aircraft

February 18, 1969 Attack on El Al Boeing at Zurich Airport.

The Australian representative to the ICAO Council is Dr. i^. N . . Bradfield.