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New Zealand - Australia Free Trade Agreement

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EMBARGO: Not to be Published, broadcast or tele-vised before Midnight 18th December, 1968.



(Statement by Mr. John McEwen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry).

The Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr. McEwen, said

today that the Australian and New Zealand Governments had agreed

to consider inclusion of a further list of items in Schedule A

of the New Zealand - Australia Free Trade Agreement

The Agreement, said Mr. McEwen, contains provisions for

annual reviews of the trade between the two countries with a

view to the inclusion of additional commodities. The third of

these reviews was to be concluded before the middle of 1969.

However, the list of items proposed for inclusion at this review

was being made public now in order that all interested parties

would have an opportunity of putting forward their views for


Mr. McEwen said that the complete list of the goods

involved was available from the Regional Offices of the

Department of Trade and Industry in each capital city or from

the Department in Canberra. Interested parties wishing to

comment on the proposals should submit their views to the

Department of Trade and Industry, Canberra, by 20th February,


Canberra 94/68T.

18th December, 1968.



1st July. 19 9 .

Australian Description of Goods New Zealand

Reference No. (.Expressed in terms of BrusselsTariff Item Tariff Nomenclature) No.

Ex 10.07.1 Ex10.07 Buckwheat, millet,-canary seed 10.07.01

Ex 10.07.9 and grain sorghum; other

cereals; VIZ. -Millet, canary seed, grain sorghum

Ex 21.07.9 Ex21.07 Food preparations not fall-ing within any other item; EX21.07.9 VIZ:- Suet preparations in which suet predominated by weight over all other ingred-


27.09 27.09 Petroleum oils and oils obtained27009 from bituminous minerals, crude

28.16 28.16 Ammania, anhydrous or in 28.16

acqueous solution

36.07 36.07 Ferro-cerium and other pyro- 36.07 proric alloys in all forms

Ex 39.07.42 Ex39.07 Goods made of materials of a Ex39.07.99 Ex 39.07.929 kind described in an item Ex 39.07.99 included in items-39.01 to 39°.06 (inclusive); VIZ.-

Fittings for curtain tracks

Ex 44.28.9 Ex44.28 Other goods made of wood; VIZ.-Burial and cremation caskets, unassembled.

Ex 48.15.3 Ex48.15 Other paper and paperboard, Ex48.15.3 cut to size or shape; VIZ.-Dress pattern envelopes, printed

Ex48.16 Ex48.16 Boxes, bags and other Ex48.16.09 packing containers of paper or paperboard; VIZ.-Printed gramophone record covers


Ex58.01.1 Ex58.01.9


Ex48.21 Other goods-raade of paper Ex48.21.01 pulp, paper, paperboard or cellulose wadding; VIZ.-Patterns for apparel ex-

cluding patterns packed in envelopes

Ex58.01 Carpets, carpeting and rugsEx58.01.01 knotted(whether made up or not); Ex58.01.09 VIZ.-Knotted carp ets, not being

floor rugs wholly or partly of W';oo1

Ex58.04.1 Ex58. 04.3 Ex58.04.9

Ex58.04 '7oven pile fabrics and chenille fabrics (other than terry towelling or similar terry fabrics of cotton falling within item 55.08 or fabrics falling within item 58O5); V .- -

Fabrics of cotton, except those


• containing sheep's or lamb's wool or fine animal hair • containing man-made

discontinuous fibres and weighing more than 5-oz. per square yard, and • assembled by sewing,

gumming or otherwise

Ex 59.03.11 Ex59.03Bondad fibre fabrics and Ex59.03.01 Ex59.03.19 articles of bonded fibre Ex59.03.02

fabric, whether or not impregnated or coated; VIZ.-Bonded ;,gadding

Ex62.04 Ex62.04 Tarpaulins, sails,- Ex62.04.01 awnings, sunblinds, tents and camping goods; VIZ.-

Sails and tents

Ex68.11 Ex68.11 Goods made of cement. (including Ex68.11 slag cement), of concrete or of artificial stone (including. granulated marble agglomerated with cement),reinforced or not; VI Z.-

Concrete bricks and blocks

having dimensions not exceeding an overall size of 24" x 8" x 8" (excluding goods


faced with artificial stone)

Ex69.11 Ex69.11 Tableware and other goods 69.11.01 of a kind commonly used for domestic or toilet 69.11.02 purposed, of porcelain 69.11.03

or china (including biscuit porcelain Ex69.11.09 and parian); NOT INCLUDING: -

Goods of a kind

• commonly used for toilet

• purposes.

Ex69.12 Ex69.12 Tableware and other goods of69.12.01 a kind commonly used for 69.12.02 domestic or toilet purposes 69.12;03 of pottery other than Ex69.12..09 porcelain or china; NOT INCLUDING:-

Goods of a kind commonly used for toilet purposes

73.01 73.01 Pig iron, cast iron and 73.0i;1 spiegeleisen, inpigs, blocks73.01.2 lumps and similar forms

73.02 73.02 Ferro-alloys 73.02.1


73.03 73.03 Scrap and waste metal of

iron or steel 73.03

73.04 73.04 Shot and angular grit, of

iron or steel, whether or 73.04 not graded; wire pellets of iron or steel

Ex73.05 Ex73.05 Iron or steel powders; 73.05.1

spongpiron or steel; VIZ.-Iron or steel powders

Ex73.06 Ex73.06 Puddled bars and filings; 73.06.1 ingots, blocks, lumps and similar forms of iron or steel; NOT INCLUDING


Ex73.11.11 • Ex73.11 Angles, shapes and 73.11.13 Ex73.11.91 sections, of iron or Ex73.11:19

steel, hot rolled, forged,

Ex73.11.99 extruded, cold formed or

cold finished; sheet 73,11.23 piling of iron or steel, whether or not drilled, 73.11.29 punched or made from assembled elements; VIZ.-


Angles and tees, 8Oin.m, or more, not worked, not galvanised. Channels, girders, beams and joists,

80 m.m. or more, not worked, not galvanised, excluding 4" x2" channels. Sheet piling

Other shapes and sections, not worked, not galvanised.

Ex73.13 Ex73.13 Sheets and plates, of iron 73.13.11 or steel, hot-rolled or cold-rolled, VIZ.- 73.13.19


More than 4.75 m.m. in thick- 73.13.34 ness, not tinned 73.13.35

Less than 3 m.m. in thickness,73.13.39 not plated, coated or clad, 73.13.41 perforated or cellular, but 73.13.42 not further worked Less than 73.13.44

3 m.m.•in thickness, not 73.13.45 plated, coated or clad, not worked.Tinned sheets and Ex73.13.49 plates, corrugated, per-forated or cellular, but not 73.13.54 further worked 73.13.62

Tinned sheets and plates, 73.13.64 not worked, other than lac- 73.13.69 quered, painted or similarly

coated Less than 3 m.m. in thickness, plated coated or clad, not tinned,

perforated or cellular but not further worked Less than 3 m.m. in thickness,

plated coated or clad, not tinned, not worked, other than coiled or galvanised

73.15.3 Ex73.15 Alloy steel and high carbon steel 73.15.13 Ex73.15.511 in the forms mentioned in items 73.15.15 E x73.15.59 73.06 to 73.14 (inclusive); VIZ.- 73.15.1673.15.18 Ex73.15.6 Angles, shapes and sections, 80 m.m.7315;21 E x73.15.7 or more, not worked, ex 4"x2" channel73.15.23 Sheet piling 73.15.24 Sheets and plates, more than 4.75 73.15.26 m.m. in thickness, and universal 73.15.41 plates 73.15.42 Sheets and plates, less than 3 m.m. 73.15.43 in thickness, perforated or 73.15.44 cellular but not further worked 73.15.51 Sheets and plates, less than 3 m.m. 73.15.53 in thickness, not plated, coated 73.15.54 or clad, not worked 73.15.55 Sheets and plates, less than 3.m.m. 73.15.57 in thickness, plated, coated or 73.15.59


clad, of high carbon steel, not 73.15.61 worked other than galvanised 73.15.62 Sheets and plates, less than 73.15.64 3 m.m. in thickness, plated, 73.15.66

coated or clad, of alloy steel, 73.15.67 not worke.d other than galvanised73.15.69 and bitumen coated 73.15.71

Hoop and strip, under 6" in 73.15.73 width, not worked 73.15.75 Hoop and strip, 6" and over in 73.15.76 width, of high carbon steel,not 73.15.79

coiled 73.15.82

73.15.83 73:15;85 73.15.87 73.15.88

Ex73.40.999 Ex73.40 Other goods made of iron or 73.40.46 steel; VIZ.-Fencing posts, standards, droppers and fasteners for use therewith

Ex74.04.1 Ex74.04 Wrought plates, sheets and Ex74.04.03 Ex74.04.2 strip, of copper-, VIZ.- 74.04.09 E x74.04.99 Of unalloyed copper, other 74.04.11 than corrugated, perforated or cellular, Of brass or muntz metal, not worked.Ex82.01.19 Ex82.01 Hand tools, as follows; 82.01.07 spades, shovels, picks, hoes, 82.01.09 forks and rakes, axes, bill- hooks and similar hewing tools; scythes, sickles, hay knives, grass shears, timber wedges andother tools used in agriculture, horticulture or forestry; VIZ.- • Hoes and rakesEx83.02.49 Ex83.02 Base metal fittings and mountingsEx83.02.l9Ex83.02.99 of a kind suitable for furniture, doors, staircases, windows, blindscoachwork, saddlery, trunks, casketsand the like (including automatic door closers); base metal hat-racks, hat-pegs, brackets and the like; VIZ.-Curtain track and fitting s therefor Weather excluders for fitting todoors and windowsSockets, towel rail and wardrobe84.11.13 Ex84.11 Air pumps, Vacuum pumps and 84.11.01 air or gas compressors (in- Ex84.11.09 cluding motor and turbo pumpsand compressors, and free-pistongenerators for gas turbines); fans blowers and the like- VIZ.-


Vacuum pumps suited for use with

milking machines; other vacuum pumps

Ex84.17.59 Ex84.17 Machinery, plant and•_similax _. Ex84.17.2! Lbcri=ota y y oc ipm , T113 -thur Lor not

electrically heated, for the treatment of materials by a process involving a change of temperature, not being machinery or plant of a kind used for domestic purposes: instanteous or storage water heaters, non electrical; VIZ.-Counter type coffee making machines

Ex84.25.39 Ex84.25 Harvesting and threshing machinery; 84.25.11-; Straw and fodder presses; hay or grass mowers; winnowing and similar cleaning machinery for seed, grain or Leguminous vegetables and egg-grading and other grading machines for agricultural

produce (other than machinery of a kind used in the bread grain milling industry falling within item 84.29); VIZ.-

Combine harvester-threshers

84.40.4 Ex84.40 Bleaching and dyeing machines 84.40.26

Ex84.45.229Ex84.45 Machine-tools for working metal Ex 84.45.19 or metallic carbides, not being machines falling within item 84.49 or 84.50; VIZ.-Broaching machines

Ex84.61.99 Ex84.61 Taps, cocks, valves and similar 84.61.09 appliances, for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats and the like, including pressure reducing valves and thermo-

statically controlled valves; VIZ.-Petrol dispensing nozzles, auto-matic shut-off type

Ex85.1.4.9 Ex85.1'.4 M ^. cr hones and - stands there ,for-]Ioud s-pe.^kers; audio-Trjquency electric amplifiers; VIZ.- tr^iners

Ex 85..14.06 E 85.14.09

Ex86.03 Ex86.03 Other rail locomotive; VIZ.-Electric rail Locomotives 86.03 E x91.04.391 91.04 Other clocks; VIZ.- Ex91.04.02

Clocks, battery operated.


Ex92.12.1 Ex92.12 Gramophone records and other sound 92.12.02 Ex92.12.9 or similar recordings; matrices for to

the production of records, prepaz-ed92.12.05 records blanks, film for mechanical sound recording, prepared tapes, wires, strips and like goods of a kind commonly used for sound or similar recording; VIZ.-Recorded discs, all speeds

Ex92.12.9 Ex92.12 Gramophone records and other 92.12.01 sound or similar recordings; 92.12.09 matrices for the production of records, prepared record blanks,

film for mechanical-sound record-ing, prepared tapes, wires, strips and like goods of a kind commonly

used for sound or similar record-ing; VIZ.-MatriceA for the production of

records. Prepared record blanks.

Ex98,07 Ex98..07 Date, sealing or numbering stamps Ey-c,3•07 and the like (including devices for printing or embossing labels), designed for operating in the hand; hand-operated composing sticks and hand printing sets incorporating

such composing sticks; VIZ:-Hand operated printing or numbering devices, selfinking, with numbers of materials other than rubber.

98.10. 98.10 Mechanical lighters and similar 98.10 lighters, including chemical and electrical-lighters, and parts therefor, but not flints or wicks.