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Papua and New Guinea - cattle freight

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,-^ W 'Y TTTY. /'f f IiIT -ice FREIGHT

(Sta'tement by the Minister for External erritories, the Hon. CUE. Barnes; 1:!.P.)

The Minister for External Territories, Mr. fames today announced changes in the freight subsidy scheme for good quality cattle imported into Papua and New Guinea.

The changes provide for

• an increase of from ;a4 to $5 a head in the subsidy on cows imported through Port Moresby and Samarai;

an additional subsidy of -10 a head for dairy cattle imported to the Territory from Tasmania;

properties to sell bulls imported under the scheme after they had been used for four years

on the one property;

advanced indigenous farmers to import less than the minimum lots generally provided under the scheme

• increases in minimum purchase prices for cattle

ranging From 4$10 for heifers to : 100 for mature


Mr. Barnes said that, the changes were made to assist in meeting the present needs of the Territory"s developing cattle industry.

The maxirauui subsidy for cows imported through Port Moresby and Samarai from Australians east coast ports has been increased from 65 per head to .)70 per head for cores over 42 inches at shoulder and from ,; 50 to -54 per head for cows

under 42 inches at shoulder.

This brings these two ports into line with the maximum subsidy for all other Territory ports, The increase applies to cows only, as bulls already attract the same level of subsidy to all Territory ports.

D.T. 5308/87


Dairy cattle imported into the Territory from Tasmania will attract an additional subsidy of >10 per head above the subsidy for cattle imported from Australian east coast ports in order to meet the additional freight costs

from Tasmania.

Mr Barnes said the reason for this was that new testing requirements recently introduced to decrease the risk of entry of brucellosis into the Territory have resulted in difficulties in the importation of dairy cattle from the mainland States,

The new provisions allow the importation of cattle from certified brucellosis free herds of which there are only a small number in the riainland States,, but all herds in Tasmania are free.

In order to ensure that only good quality cattle continue to be imported under the scheme, the minimum purchase price at the place of purchase, exclusive of veterinary fees and other ancillary :har es, has been increased as follows; for mature bulls from ;0200 to 'x300; for young bulls from $100 to .150.; for mature cows from X60 to „80; and for heifers from 150 to :CEO.

Mr. Barnes said that the price of cattle suitable for the Territory had increased in recent years.

Mr. i3arnes summarised the maximum subsidy per head on approved stoc'_: as follows --Bulls; Australian east coast ports to Territory ports $100

Tasmanian ports to Territory ports (dairy breeds only)

Cowsa Over (42" at shoulder); Australian east coast ports to Territory ports

Tasmanian ports to Territory ports (dairy breeds only)

Cows (Under 42" at shoulder)

Australian east coast ports to Territory ports

Tasmanian ports to Territory ports (dairy breeds only)



25 May, 1969.




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