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Howard out of touch, out of ideas, out of time.

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Howard Out Of Touch, Out Of Ideas, Out Of Time

Media Statement - 12th November 2007

Wayne Swan

The Coalition campaign launch delivered today by Prime Minister John Howard showed his tired 11 year old Government has run out of new ideas and has no plan to secure Australia’s future.

Rather than set out positive alternative policies for the future, Mr Howard has had to resort to copying key Labor policies in education, childcare and housing affordability.

And in more than 30 minutes, Mr Howard said nothing on the future challenges like fixing our nation’s hospitals, tackling climate change, or addressing water shortages.

It is stunning that after 11 years in office, and 12 days to the election, the best ideas the Coalition can come up with for the centrepiece of their re-election are policies already outlined by Labor.

In addition, announcements like child care do not put a single cent extra in the pockets of parents.

Mr Howard’s total lack of vision underscores the key choice at this election.

Only Labor has a plan for the future that stretches way beyond the next election.

Mr Howard cannot credibly speak about future because he won’t be around for it.

The only plan on the table is a retirement plan and a handing over to Mr Costello.