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Buckle up! unless you're in a school bus.

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Dr Dennis Jensen Federal Member for Tangney has criticised the state government for its hypocrisy on the issue of fitting school buses with seatbelts.

“How often do we hear the state government justifying their extreme speed enforcement measures by saying if it saves one life then it is worth it? For Alannah MacTiernan to now come out and say they have conducted a cost benefit analysis and decided it’s not economic to make school bus seatbelts mandatory is just ridiculous,” he said.

Dr Jensen said the benefits of seatbelts were clearly evident with the amount of lives saved by enforcing their use in cars.

“Seatbelts save lives, it’s as simple as that. The evidence is there - no lives were lost in a fairly horrific bus crash last Friday, and they were all wearing seatbelts.”

Dr Jensen said the state government had decided to prolong the issue by organising yet another inquiry when the facts were clearly already known.

“What price does the state government put on a life?” Dr Jensen asked.

Dr Jensen said he was disgraced by the premier’s attempt to justify the decision to not introduce seatbelts into school buses by saying some students won’t put them on.

“Where is the logic in that? It is like saying we won’t make it compulsory to wear seatbelts in cars because some kids won’t wear them,” he said.

“Friday’s bus crash involving the school students was evidence that kids will wear the seatbelts - every one of those children was.”