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Major research project on e-commerce.

The Minister for Communications, the Information Economy and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston, today announced a landmark research project to ascertain Australia's readiness and participation in the global information economy.

Conducted by the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE), Anderson Consulting and Woolcott Research, the findings of the research project will be unveiled at the opening sessions of the Enabling Australia E-Commerce Summit in Canberra on April 16th and 17th which is being co-hosted by NOIE and Telstra.

"The objective of the Summit is to ensure that leaders of government, business, consumer groups and regulators participate in creating a national agenda to capture the growth opportunities presented by electronic commerce. This research project will be a critical part of the framework necessary to formulate a valid and aggressive action plan at the Summit," Senator Alston said.

"The research project will include the circulation and collation of a survey of more than 300 Australian CEOs to ascertain their own actions and plans with regard to the information economy and their views as to the role Australia can and should play and in some circumstances are playing.

"Effectively it will be a snapshot of where we are today and where the leaders and decision makers believe we are heading.

"Australia stands to gain more than almost any nation in the world from the rapid adoption of the information economy. We must act as a nation by capitalising on this historic turning point in world commerce. Having conducted a number of important reviews in the last twelve months, we are now ready to turn our knowledge into actions. This survey is the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle being put into place.

"It is the firm view of this Government that business and government must work together to achieve our national business and economic goals. The Summit and this major piece of research will be key components of that plan."

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