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Senators must stand firm with unions and students for the future of higher education.

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Sen Kerry Nettle

Press Release


Senators must stand firm with unions and students for the future of Higher Education

Greens Education Spokesperson, Senator Kerry Nettle, today welcomed the news that Senator Len Harris will be joining The Greens in opposing the Government's Higher Education Legislation in its entirety.

Speaking at today's stop work meeting at Sydney University Senator Nettle said, "I will be speaking with independent Senators next week to underline the importance of continued support for staff students and workers in our public universities.

"The Senate must stand shoulder to shoulder with the unions and the students in the defence of our quality public higher education system.

"The Greens have been working both outside and inside parliament to ensure that the Governments plans that threaten this quality are defeated.

"The Greens abhor the bribery and bullying that the government have stooped to in forcing these changes on universities. It is the job of the Senate to put a brake on this kind of legislative blackmail and The Greens are at the forefront of that action.

"The Senate should be debating how much of the $7 billion surplus we should be investing in higher education, not desperately fending off another viscous attack on the quality of the public university system.

"An attack on the harmonious workplace relations of our universities is an attack on the quality of our education system.

"The Government's willingness to engage in this kind of industrial vandalism shows how little they value quality in our universities.

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