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The truth is out: no Labor policies, merely "indications of long term intentions"

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Media Release



Minister for Communications, the Information Economy and the Arts

Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate


The truth is out: no Labor policies, merely “indications of long term intentions”


‘The truth i s finally out about Labor’s long awaited election policies. It is not going to have any, instead opting for “indications of long term intentions” which it admits “may not be fulfilled”,’ the Minister for Communications, the Information Economy and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston, said today.


‘Labor held a love-in yesterday to launch an “arts policy”, but spent virtually no time talking about its “policy”. The reason was revealed on page 3 of the document, which states in black and white that its “proposals” are only “indications of long term intentions, not all of which will be able to be fulfilled in a three-year term


‘Labor has spent the past two years living in a policy-free zone and now we know why. For the first time in Australia’s history, an Opposition is seeking to win an election without any actual policies - merely having indications of long term intentions which may not be fulfilled.


‘What other so-called Labor policies are also merely “indications of long term intentions”? Is the claim that Labor won’t sell Telstra merely “a long term intention” which as everyone has suspected will be ditched if Labor wins government? Cheryl Kernot certainly thought so when she said “I think Labor in Opposition won‘t sell Telstra but I’m more worried about Labor in Government“ .


‘Is Labor’s claim that it will scrap the Government’s cheaper CDs legislation also just a long term intention? What about Labor’s indication that it won’t sell Australia Post? Is that another one of its proposals which now may not be fulfilled?


‘Labor’s refusal to provide the Australian public with detailed, properly costed policies it is fully committed to delivering upon after the election is yet another example of it mimicking One Nation’s political strategy.


‘What will the alternative Treasurer, Mr Gareth Evans, come up with next? A tax policy that indicates Labor’s longer term intentions but which it admits may not be fulfilled?’


Media Contact: Terry O’Connor, Minister’s office 0419 636 879




27 July 1998