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Australia will not accept the world's nuclear waste.

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PETER McGAURAN MP Commonwealth Minister for Science

Media Release


May 5 2004

The Australian Government Minister for Science Peter McGauran has today again re-stated that Australia will not accept the nuclear waste of other countries.

“Successive Australian Governments have stated Australia will not accept the radioactive waste of other countries” Minister McGauran said.

“Countries deriving benefits from nuclear technology should make their own arrangements to safely dispose of their nuclear waste.

“Market research conducted in October and December 1999, June 2000, and February/March 2001 concerning people’s attitudes to Pangea’s proposal to site an international nuclear waste repository in Australia was in order to gauge whether the Australian Government’s strong opposition to the proposal was registering with the public.

“The research showed that South Australians backed the Australian Government’s strong stand on prohibiting the importation of foreign nuclear waste.

“The South Australian Minister for the Environment’s claim that this research was being collected as a basis for the Government to encourage the development of an international waste repository in Australia is outrageous.

“It is a measure of how desperate the South Australian Government has become in its opposition to the national repository for the safe disposal of Australia’s low level radioactive waste repository.

“Radioactive substances, including wastes, are a prohibited import under the Customs Regulations,” Minister McGauran said.

Further information: Jodie Naismith (Minister McGauran’s office) 03 9639 3199 or 0419 622 915