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Nuclear energy costly to economy and greenhouse.

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Australian Democrats Press Releases

Senator Lyn Allison Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Victoria Australian Democrats spokesperson for Energy and Resources

Dated: 28 November 2005 Press Release Number: qymklmoi Portfolio: Energy and Resources Related: Environment & Animal Welfare

Nuclear Energy Costly To Economy And Greenhouse

Brendan Nelson's announcement proposal to spend $1million on researching prospects of a nuclear power industry in Australia bucks the global trend and will be costly to the economy and greenhouse.

Australian Democrats Leader and spokesperson on Energy, Senator Lyn Allison said "It is obscene that the Minister wants to spend $1 million on research into a nuclear industry in Australia when the facts are pretty clear that it is dangerous, costly and will contribute to greenhouse omissions.

The time to act on reducing 60 percent of emissions by 2050 is now.

"The USA provide direct subsidies to nuclear energy totalled $115 billion, with a further $145 billion in indirect subsidies, and even if a nuclear power station was built today, it would be at least 15 years before the first one could deliver electricity.

"There is also a limited supply of uranium in the world, so by the time a plant was built its life span would be very short.

"Research also shows that building a nuclear power station would actually increase greenhouse pollution. "In contrast, renewable energy sources are cheaper, cleaner and more flexible.

"Most of the world is rejecting nuclear in favour of renewable energy. The rate of increase is nearly 30% for wind, 20% for solar, and only 0.6% for nuclear. "Further there is little public support for nuclear industry in Australia.

"Minister Vanstone's response to my question at question time, that we should keep options open, only demonstrates that the Government is willing to waster tax payers money when the facts and the global trend shows that a nuclear industry is a bad idea.

"The fact is that Australia is behind leading countries on renewable energies, this Government should be putting its efforts into assisting Australia's renewable energy sector, which is being forced overseas due to lack of support in Australia, concluded Senator Allison.

Printed: 29 November 2005

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