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Senate calls on Federal Government to revisit Energy White Paper.

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DEMOCRATS MEDIA 05/256 MONDAY 16 MAY 2005 SENATOR LYN ALLISON SENATOR JOHN CHERRY AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRATS LEADER AUSTRALIAN DEMOCRATS SENATOR FOR QUEENSLANDSENATE CALLS ON FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO REVISIT ENERGY WHITE PAPER The Senate Environment Committee, chaired by Democrats Senator John Cherry, today tabled its report into the implications of the Government's Energy White Paper. Democrats Leader, Senator Lyn Allison said the evidence heard by the Committee strongly suggested the Government's Energy White Paper is seriously flawed. "The existing Energy White Paper does not provide adequate opportunity or accurate costings for renewable energy or clean fuels. It relies far too heavily on fossil fuel imports, and it does not set out any plan to provide certainty for industry on Australia's progressive reduction of greenhouse emissions," Senator Allison said. "We urge the Government takes notice of the Committee's recommendations including increasing mandatory targets for renewable energy and the adoption of national energy efficiency standards. We are however pleased to see the extension of the hugely successful Photovoltaic Rebate Program in last week's Budget." The Committee's Chair and Democrats Senator for Queensland, John Cherry echoed Senator Allison's remarks calling on the Government to re-visit the White Paper in the immediate future. "If we are to achieve energy security, Australia must stop relying on increasingly expensive fossil fuel imports. We have a wealth of renewable energy, but the national leadership needed to move energy markets to exploit it is sadly lacking." "Adequate mandatory targets for the use of renewable energy are lacking, and budding industries producing fuels such as ethanol and biogas will be decimated should the Energy White Paper remain in its current form," Senator Cherry concluded. Media contact Katrina McGrath 0408 056 167