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Farmers ready to help move containers.

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National Farmers’ Federation



20 April 1998

NR 29/98




The National Farmers’ Federation said today there had been an overwhelming response from country people wanting to take action in the cu rrent waterfront dispute.


NFF President, Donald McGauchie, said the stockpiling of farm produce in containers, especially in Melbourne and Sydney, had provoked farmers to offer their services to facilitate their movement off the docks.


“We have had an overwhelming number of calls from individual farmers offering any assistance they can, as well as official support from NFF member organisations who have emphasised that any activities carried out would be within the law”, Mr McGauchie said.


“They include the Pastoralists and Gra.ziers’ Association, the Western Australian Farmers Federation, the United Graziers’ Association, the Cattlemens’ Union, Queensland Graingrowers, the New South Wales Farmers’ Association and the Victorian Farmers’ Federation”, he said.


“Agricultural goods, such as beef, cotton, mung beans and wine need to get onto the wharves and be exported, and other goods, such as chemicals and spare parts for machinery need to be moved off the wharves and onto farms”.


“The fact that picketers are flouting legal injunctions has prompted farmers to propose this course of action, “, Mr McGauchie said.


“Our members in Western Australia are already preparing to mobilise trucks, drivers and supporters to clear the backlog of containers from Fremantle wharf’, he said.


“The fact that they have felt it necessary to become personally involved reflects the deep level of frustration being experienced by Australia’s farmers over the unnecessary continuation of this dispute, in the face of legal directions which could not only have kept products moving across the wharves, but brought in vitally needed export income”.



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