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Greens Party sets up in PNG.

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27 February 2002


The worlds newest Greens Party has set up in Papua New Guinea where elections are due in June.

The Papua New Guinea Greens Party was registered late last year and now has a national executive and 50 endorsed candidates throughout the country. A prime motivator for the new party is Ms Nolin Pivini who has campaigned for 10 years for environmental and landowner rights in Kiunga, 150 km’s downstream of the notorious Ok Tedi copper mine.

The new party attracted Cate Weate, who also works with Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown, to go to PNG in January. ‘Many people in PNG believe the PNGGP will take off because PNG people understand how important the environment is to their lives and there are no politicians talking about it. Also because they call it a grassroots party meaning from the village, which has been born out of frustrations with the currant system Ms Weate said today.

“The PNG party will be quickly tested in PNG’s effervescent political system” Senator Brown said today.

“But with global resource extraction money rolling over local rights and environmental good sense it is likely to win a lot of public backing. It will raise environmental issues onto the election agenda,” he said

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