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New defence headquarters to be constructed in Queanbeyan area.

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MEDIA RELEASE The Hon. Peter Reith, MP Minister for Defence


03 Oct 2001 MIN 405/01



The Government will construct the new joint operational headquarters for the Australian Defence Force - Headquarters Australian Theatre (HQAST) at a site outside Queanbeyan.

From a starting list of nine possible sites the ‘Kings Highway’ site has been chosen located approximately 10 kilometres to the east of Queanbeyan.

This ‘Kings Highway’ site offers greater flexibility to incorporate security safeguards in construction, the ability to control urban encroachment, and is not on a commercial flight path.

The Queanbeyan area will also offers advantages in terms of back-to-back postings of senior military staff and their families, and minimising support costs.

In broad terms, the new headquarters complex represents an investment of about $200 million in equipment and buildings. The construction phase will inject an estimated $150 million into the Queanbeyan regional economy creating up to 250 jobs in construction and related communications and information technology work.

About 1000 service personnel are expected to work in the new headquarters and, factoring in their families, will require local housing for more than 3000.

A single joint command centre at the operational level will provide the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) with an effective and efficient means of commanding the ADF, ensure a more efficient allocation of resources and improve the information flow to Government with more informed and responsive advice.

The new headquarters will bring together for the first time Joint, Maritime, Land, Air and Special Operations staff. The Australian Theatre Joint Intelligence Centre and the 1st Joint Movement Group will also be housed in the building complex.

A permanent joint headquarters is the final stage in the development of a unified operational headquarters within the ADF’s three tier command structure encompassing strategic,

operational and tactical areas.




Locating Headquarters Australian Theatre near Queanbeyan will also help improve retention of key personnel by offering increased certainty for their families. With the possibility of back-to-back postings, including attending staff college in Weston Creek, a posting to Headquarters Australian Theatre and a posting at Defence Headquarters in Russell, more officers will be able to reside in one location for a longer period. This is particularly important during children’s school years.




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Minister Reith’s Office: Ross Hampton - 0419 484 095

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