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More than 700 new Work for the Dole opportunities for job seekers in SA.

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More than 700 new Work for the Dole opportunities for Job Seekers in SA

Individual host-style activities feature in 64 new SA Work for Dole projects announced by Employment Services Minister, Mal Brough, today.

The new projects offer opportunities for 756 job seekers to upgrade or learn new work skills through a wide range of work experience opportunities.

The new projects also include:

● Build a hut to use as an environmental centre, sponsored by Stable Help Inc, Huntfield Heights.

● Upgrade and build facilities at the racing club, sponsored by Kangaroo Island Racing Club Inc, Kingscote.

● Convert a school into a youth based welfare and training centre, sponsored by Boystown, Port Pirie.

● Write, record and perform music to raise funds for community groups, sponsored by Mission Australia,

Smithfield Plains. ● Development of web pages for Rotary clubs, sponsored by Heta Inc, Adelaide.

● Build dinghies and perform essential boat repair work, sponsored by Sailing Ship Trust of South Australia,

Port Adelaide.

Mr Brough said Work for the Dole, a Mutual Obligation initiative, continued to be a success right across Australia, offering both job seekers and their local communities considerable benefits.

“Job seekers participating in Work for the Dole receive the benefit of worthwhile, well-supervised work experience. It upgrades their skills or teaches them new skills and it helps them gain, or retain, a work ethic,” Mr Brough said.

“The communities in which they live benefit from new or improved facilities and services, and they can see what local people looking for paid work are capable of.

“Work for the Dole is a real community effort. Local sponsors provide the opportunities and local Community Work Coordinators provide the administrative back-up that makes Work for the Dole a signature program of the Howard


The new projects bring the number in South Australia since Work for the Dole started in late 1997 to 1,133, with a total of 22,890 valuable work experience places.

Mr Brough announced 731 new Work for the Dole projects across Australia with 8,940 new places available. Since 1997, 16,571 projects across Australia have offered 274,225 opportunities for Australian job seekers.

A list of Work for the Dole projects approved for funding can be found at

For further information contact:

Peter Gandolfi Minister Broughs Office 02 6277 7540

Further information on Work for the Dole Susan Black 02 6121 6064