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Tackling Internet porn and extreme violence.

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Tackling Internet Porn and Extreme Violence

Wednesday, 12 April 2006

‘Every Australian has a fundamental right to access the internet free from pornography and extreme violence’

Senator Guy Barnett today revealed how he has secured offers from two companies based in the United States and Sydney to trial free of charge the removal of internet pornography and extreme violence across Tasmania for three months.

The trial is the first of its kind in Australia and if proven could become the forerunner to operate across Australia. The two companies, in Launceston today for the announcement are rulespace based in Beaverton, Oregon, and Sydney based company Internet Sheriff Technology.

“The filtering proposal would allow adult internet users to opt-out to have access to internet pornography if they wished. However, my objective will always be that every Australian has a fundamental right to access the internet free from pornography and extreme violence,” Senator Barnett said.

Senator Barnett said a survey of public libraries in NSW, Victoria and the ACT released last month and undertaken by the Australian Family Association found that 77% did not have any filtering.

In 2003 a survey by the Australia Institute called Regulating Youth Access to Pornography found that 84% of boys and 60% of girls had been accidentally exposed to pornographic material on the internet, while two in every five boys had deliberately used the internet at some stage to see sexually explicit material.

“The survey found that 93% of parents were in favour of filtering out pornography available on the home computer, let alone those in public buildings. The survey also drew a link between prolonged exposure to this material and tolerance of sexual aggression,” Senator Barnett said.

He said he expected the trial to start mid year and would liaise with the Minister for Communications’ office regarding the outcomes of the trial.

In November last year Senator Barnett authored a letter to the Prime Minister on internet pornography and extreme violence, and was supported with the signatures of more than 60 of his Coalition colleagues.

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