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Awards for the region's top sporting achievers.

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18 May 2003


Some of the south west’s top sporting achievers will be recognised by the Commonwealth at a ceremony in Cobden on Monday night (19.5).

The new Commonwealth (Government) Sport Achievement Award has been established to recognise outstanding sporting performance, achievements and contributions.

The Award certificates will be presented on Monday by Member for Wannon - David Hawker.

They are based on the following criteria:

• Recognition of individual or team achievement. • Recognition of community sport contribution by individuals, including coaches, referees/umpires and administrators with a minimum of 5 years service or • For recognition of a contribution to sport by schools, community groups or media


Mr. Hawker said today he was delighted the government had seen fit to recognise the contribution people made to sport at the grass-roots level.

“More often than not it is our elite sporting achievers who, quite deservedly so, get the greatest accolades,” Mr. Hawker said.

“Sport at the local level however is quite often the glue that holds a community together.

“For every ‘local’ who has made his or her mark at the national or international level there are thousands of other individuals or groups helping provide that incentive for some to try for the elite level of their chosen sport.

“I believe sincerely the individuals and organisations being recognised on Monday night will be representing all of those people who day in and day out converge on our sporting facilities to participate and help others play.”

Mr. Hawker will present the Award certificates at the Cobden Civic Hall from 7.00 p.m.

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Notes - DH to meet cost of dinner for the award recipients who are attending.

Award Winners:


• Jamie Drew Not attending (overseas). Certificate will be accepted by Neville McNeil. Mother Marg also unavailable.

• Michelle Ferris Attending

• Alan Bryant Attending

• Luke Pretlove Attending

• Russell Colless Attending

Chairperson Warrnambool Citizens Road Race Committee

• Margaret Sumner Attending

• Angie Darling Attending

• Sam Pendergast Not attending. Certificate will be accepted by his mother, Mary. • Jackie Carroll Attending.

• Neville Wilson Attending.

• Ross Price Attending

• Kerrie Irvine Not attending. Certificate will be accepted by Mrs Maureen Darling,

mother to Angela Darling (another award recipient)

• Tayliah Zimmer Attending.

• Vanessa Crawford Attending. Accompanied by parents. • Christian Ryan Attending. Accompanied by his partner, Maxine Lee. • Kris McCartney Attending. Accompanied by his partner, Rebecca.


• Doug Clark Not attending. DH will present Doug's certificate personally on visit to Warrnambool - 20 May at 1 pm.

• Marc Leishman Not attending. Will be in Brisbane, as will his parents. Then off to Europe. Can post his certificate to his parents.

• John McMillan Not attending. (Have written offering for DH to present or post back. Waiting to hear back) • Joanne King Not attending. Will post her certificate.

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