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Beetle@Bondi and all that jazz: Brown's battle for the Beetle comes to Bondi.

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Senator Bob Brown Senator for Tasmania

Beetle@Bondi and all that jazz: Brown's battle for the Beetle comes to Bondi

Senator Brown, 13th June 2006

Greens Senator Bob Brown is bringing his battle to save Tasmania's 200 million year old Wielangta Stag Beetle to Bondi on Sunday 18 June. He will be backed by jazz singers Lucinda Peters and Tina Harrod, a feast of Tasmanian food and wine, and MC

Phillip Adams.

Beetle@Bondi will aid of Senator Brown's marathon Wielangta Forest case, currently in the Federal Court. The Senator is challenging logging by Forestry Tasmania, which threatens the endangered Stag Beetle, Swift Parrot and Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle.

"Stag Beetles have been around since long before the dinosaurs. We shouldn't allow Forestry Tasmania's logging to do what ice ages, drifting continents and the separation of Tasmania from Australia failed to do," said Senator Brown.

"Like the Swift Parrot, which has the longest migration of any parrot in the world and breeds only in Tasmania, I'm heading to Sydney in winter for warm weather and good food.

"Unlike the Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle, which hates being disturbed, I'll be enjoying the music at the Bondi Pavilion with friends and supporters, and unlike the Beetle which lives under logs and eats rotting wood, I'll be lapping up the finest Tasmanian produce", said Senator Brown.

The Commonwealth government and the Tasmanian government have intervened against Senator Brown in the Federal Court to support Forestry Tasmania. Final hearings are scheduled for 29-31st August and the judgment is expected before the

end of the year.

Sydneysiders can support the Beetle by coming along on to Beetle@Bondi.

Beetle@Bondi Sunday 18 June, Bondi Pavilion Show starts in the Seagull Room at 6 pm.

Presented by the South-East (Tasmania) Forest Protection Group in support of Senator Brown's Wielangta Forest Court Case.