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Greens call on Mark Latham to commit to ending Howard's abusive policies.

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Senator Kerry Nettle

Senator for New South Wales

Greens call on Mark Latham to commit to ending Howard's abusive policies 27th May 04

Amnesty condemns Australia

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle has called on Mark Latham to commit to abolishing the human rights abusing policies of the Howard government if they win the next election.

"Today's report shows that Australia's human rights record is appalling and getting worse. The Prime Minister doesn't care about our Human Rights record, but Mark Latham is an unknown quantity," Senator Nettle said.

"The human rights concerns raised by Amnesty stem directly from the policies of the Howard government.

"The Greens are calling on Mark Latham to commit to ending the policies that Amnesty International have identified as abusing human rights in Australia

Polices of concern to Amnesty International * Mandatory detention of Asylum Seekers - including the Pacific Solution * Attack on the powers of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission * ASIO powers to detain non-suspects * Continuing oppression of Indigenous Australians * Detention of Australians at Guantanamo Bay * Occupation of Iraq

"Not only are Australian policies criticised but also the policies of the US which John Howard supports, including the indiscriminate killing of civilians

in Iraq and the illegal detention of suspects in

Guantanamo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Australians are committed to a fair go. The policies of the Howard government are destroying that reputation.

"Amnesty International's annual global report is another international voice criticising the Howard government's policies must not be swept under the carpet by Howard and his ministers."