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Ruddock's "hush" suggestion no solution at all.

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Senator Brian Greig Senator for Western Australia Australian Democrats spokesperson for Human Rights (Domestic)

Press Release Dated: 27 Mar 2001 Press Release Number: 01/184 Portfolio: Human Rights (Domestic) 

Ruddock’s “hush” suggestion no solution at all Suggestions today by Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock that Democrats’ Senator Aden Ridgeway should not have exposed Australia’s human rights deficiencies to the United Nations, is like telling black South Africans they should not have taken their problems with apartheid to international forums, or telling victims of domestic violence to sort things out at home.

Democrats Human Rights spokesperson, Senator Brian Greig, says the Minister’s comments are disturbing and should not pass without comment.

“It is exactly this ‘hush up’ response that makes it necessary for those who feel aggrieved to head overseas with their concerns,” Senator Greig said.

“If Australia had its own Bill of Rights, we would at least have a way of dealing with these issues domestically, but without such a mechanism, the international forum is all we have.

“The Australian Democrats have put an Australian Bill of Rights on the table for debate, but the Government refuses to do so.

“This, coupled with its reluctance to acknowledge or adhere to international treaties and conventions shows what little regard this Government has for human rights,” Senator Greig said.


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