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Labor welcomes Bonn outcome on Kyoto.

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Nick Bolkus - Labor Welcomes Bonn Outcome On Kyoto Wednesday, 25 July 2001

Labor Welcomes Bonn Outcome On Kyoto Nick Bolkus - Shadow Minister for the Environment

Media Statement - 24 July 2001

Last night's historic agreement in Bonn was welcomed by the Labor Party as a significant step in a global response on climate change, Shadow Minister for the Environment, Senator Nick Bolkus said today.

"Labor recognises that in is Australia's national interest to have an effective international regime to tackle climate change," said Senator Bolkus. "We have much more to lose by the failure of an international response than any short-term cost of meeting our Kyoto obligations.

"We regret that the Bonn outcome has come despite the laggard behaviour of Howard Government throughout the negotiations.

"Australia's obstructive behaviour in Bonn over the last week of negotiations has not won us any friends. The negative impact on our reputation has been an unfortunate outcome of Bonn.

"Australia was the last country to give approval to the compromise agreement in Bonn, which does not reflect well on Australia, and nor does it reflect the genuine concern and priorities of the Australian people.

"Australia's role in Bonn has been one of international irresponsibility and at odds with our national interest.

"Although not as strong as many had hoped, the agreement paves the way for the Kyoto Protocol to come into force by the 10th anniversary of the Rio Summit next year and lays the framework for the subsequent international action.

The compromise deal struck last night has resolved many of the priority issues, but has also left some of the detail still to be finalised (including some of the issues of compliance).

"If we are serious about addressing climate change, we need to recognise that Kyoto is only the first step, but a significant one. Australia must now take a leadership role to resolve the outstanding details to ensure ratification becomes a reality, and beyond that, to ensure global participation in subsequent

commitment periods.

"Labor welcomes the Bonn agreement. A Beazley Labor Government will actively engage with the international community to achieve its international ratification within the anticipated timeframe of 2002, and beyond that to ensure a long term effective global response." Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.

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