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Telstra service levels.

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Media Release



Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts 

Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate




The Minister for Communications, Senator Richard Alston, said that toda y’s Telstra quality of service figures reinforced the need for the Senate to pass the package of Telstra sale legislation.


‘The legislation will give the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) greater powers to require Telstra to respond to specific problems, such as those in Tasmania identified in the ACA’s latest quarterly report,’ Senator Alston said.


‘This report reveals that Telstra’s performance in the three months to December 31 was nationally quite good, with an improvement in fault clearance performance in all categories urban area fault clearance went from 79% of faults cleared within the Customer Service Guarantee standard to 80% this quarter, rural area fault clearance from 84% to 87%, and remote area fault clearance from 64% to 72%.


‘But this performance is still below desirable levels, and Telstra’s performance in Tasmania has shown a disappointing blip. The Tasmanian results need to be kept in context, because the number of new connections in rural Tasmania is very small and a few poor performances can distort the figures.


‘However, the Government expects Telstra to act urgently to restore service quality in Tasmania to national levels.


‘If the Senate passes our legislation we could go further and require Telstra to fix the problem. The legislation provides for fines of up to $10 million for failure to comply with an ACA direction to improve compliance with the customer service guarantee.’


‘Telstra’s ownership structure in Tasmania is the same as it is elsewhere in the nation. At a national level, Telstra is maintaining or improving its performance, which demonstrates that there is no relationship between Telstra’s service levels and its ownership status.’


Media Contact:  Terry O’Connor, Minister’s office 02 6277 7480 



29 March 1999