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ACOSS shows the way for tax reform.

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ACOSS shows the way for tax reform


A comprehensive agenda for tax reform was released by ACOSS, Australia’s peak community welfare and service organisation, today, Friday June 19.


Launching the ‘ACOSS Agenda for Tax Reform,’ ACOSS President Michael Raper said, “The top priority for ordinary Australians is the closure of income tax loopholes and shelters benefiting high income earners.”


“Our straightforward and fair proposals will remove weaknesses and unfair loopholes from the personal income tax system and raise an additional $6 billion net”.


“The ACOSS agenda is to use the revenue raised from income tax reform to improve community living standards.”


“The centerpiece of our strategy for fair taxation reform is a $2 billion Fairer Family Incomes Package which will ease the poverty traps and taxation anomalies that are hurting low and middle income families.”


Mr Raper said, “ACOSS is not advocating a ‘GST’ or any other specific model of consumption tax reform. But we are advocating a five point ‘Equity Test’ to judge any proposals which are put forward.”


“The ACOSS Equity Test for consumption tax reform will be a tough test ensuring people on low and middle incomes do not lose out from any changes to consumption tax.”


“In particular, ACOSS totally opposes any increase consumption taxes to pay for income tax cuts - tax cuts paid for at the checkout counter will people on low incomes.”


“Our agenda for tax reform includes giving the states a fixed share of the federal tax base in return for committing to a ‘Human Services Agreement’ which ensures affordable access to quality health, education and social welfare services.”


“Over time, the proposals we advocate will restore Australia’s revenue base - the lifeblood of the nation As revenue increases with economic growth, off a stronger tax base, we will be better able to address the outstanding need of people on low incomes for improved government services and benefits,” concluded Mr Raper.


Copies of the 12 page ACOSS Agenda for Tax Reform and/or the 2 page Summary are available on request


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