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Interception of telecommunications in arson and child pornography cases.

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ATTORNEY- GENERAL ___________________________________________________


THE HON DARYL WILLIAMS AM QC MP ___________________________________________________

27 September 2001 1052


Law enforcement agencies investigating serious arson and child pornography offences will be able to intercept telephone, Internet and e-mail communications, under legislation introduced into the Parliament today.

Telecommunications services such as Internet and e-mail are increasingly employed in child pornography related offences. Indeed, in some cases offences are committed exclusively via electronic means. Telecommunications interception is an essential tool for the effective investigation and prosecution of these offences.

Telecommunications interception will also be an invaluable tool in the more effective investigation of serious arson offences. The Telecommunications Interception Legislation Amendment Bill 2001 addresses the need for the use of interception in these cases.

The Bill also ensures that lawfully intercepted information can be used by and communicated to Commissioners of State and Territory police services in connection with the possible dismissal of an officer of that service. This will ensure that Commissioners are able to deal appropriately with corrupt conduct where evidence of that conduct is found in lawfully intercepted information.

The Bill will also permit information to be used in connection with the investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Western Australia of corrupt or serious improper conduct by police or public officials.

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