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Howard acknowledges globalisation hurts: Crocodile tears five years too late...

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Senator Meg Lees Parliamentary Leader and Senator for South Australia Australian Democrats spokesperson for Treasury

Press Release Dated: 15 Feb 2001

Press Release Number: 01/90 Portfolio: Treasury 

Howard acknowledges globalisation hurts: Crocodile tears five years too late… The Prime Minister’s concession that globalisation has different effects on different parts of the community comes five years too late to reverse the damage done by his Government’s policies to promote globalisation, according to the Australian Democrats.

Democrats’ Leader, Senator Meg Lees, described the comment as a “‘Road to Damascus-like’ conversion on the way to electoral oblivion.”

“In its first term, the Howard Government broke $12.5 billion of election promises in the name of globalisation and the need to appease global financial markets,” Senator Lees said.

“Those Budget cuts emasculated Australia’s universities, the social security safety net, regional development, the manufacturing sector, public hospitals and road construction.

“In the name of globalisation, the Howard Government cut the incomes of low income families and reduced assistance to struggling rural communities. Every cut to health, education, welfare and child care increased the costs to low income families especially if one of the bread winners was unemployed.

“Then followed the part privatisation of Telstra and the acceleration of National Competition Policy, again in the name of globalisation.

“These policies have delivered dubious benefits but at a clearly identifiable cost to Australia.

“It is not enough for John Howard to acknowledge that globalisation carries a cost. He needs to reverse the $12.5 billion of broken promises from his first term and restore health, education, social security, industry assistance and regional services funding to show his new-found sympathy for the people who’ve borne the brunt of globalisation is more than just crocodile

tears,” Senator Lees concluded.


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