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Speed: it kills and it sells.

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9 April 2002 B23/2002


Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Regional Services, Senator Ron Boswell, is hopeful there will be an end to motor vehicle ads that glorify speed in the coming months.

On the eve of a meeting with key stakeholders in the motor vehicle manufacturing and advertising industries, Senator Boswell said it is time the current advertising code was amended once and for all to include specific guidelines for car ads.

"We simply cannot continue the current trend of car ads using inappropriate driving behaviour to sell their vehicles," Senator Boswell said.

"Checks need to be in place to put an end to ads that place an undue emphasis on speed and irresponsible driving behaviour which would be considered illegal on our roads."

Senator Boswell said mixed road safety messages were being sent to the community.

"On the one hand we have Governments and safety organisations spending millions of dollars to remind the public that speed kills, but on the other hand we have even more money being spent on car ads that promote excessive speed.

"Enough is enough. It is time for constructive discussions between the motor vehicle manufacturing and advertising representatives to make the advertising code more relevant to motor vehicle advertising.

"We must be united in our message - Speeding on roads does kill.

"I ask that the motor vehicle manufacturers and the advertising industry to meet their community obligations and speedily resolve this issue in the interests of all Australians."

Senator Boswell will convene the meeting in Canberra tomorrow (Wednesday 10 April 2002) from 2pm. Interviews can be arranged by calling Leah on 0407 132 284.

Media Contact: Leah Nicoll 0407 132 284

SPEED - IT KILLS AND IT SELLS [12/04/2002 8:49:47]