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Australian force deployment.

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Warren Truss MP Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Federal Member for Wide Bay

Australian Force Deployment 17 October 2001

The best wishes of all local people will be with the men and women of the Australian Defence Forces who are being deployed as a part of the international coalition against terrorism, the Federal Member for Wide Bay, Warren Truss, said today.

Mr Truss said Prime Minister John Howard has announced the commitment by Australia following a request from the United States. The total number of deployed Australian personnel will be about 1550.

"It is important for Australia to show a strong commitment in this fight against terrorism," Mr Truss said. "It is in the national interest that we ensure that justice pervails on those who committed the attrocious acts in the United States."

"Like all war it will be a dangerous assignment and their lives will be in peril. We pray that they will return home safely soon, and as a result, the world will be a more secure place."

Australian forces will operate under Australian national command and in support of the coalition, and in operational taskings will be placed under the operational control of the appropriate coalition commander for agreed tasks.

Australia will commit:

• Two P-3 long-range maritime aircraft to augment coalition maritime patrol and reconnaissance capabilities.

• Australian special forces detachment to deploy to selected locations as decided by Chief of Defence Force, in conjunction with coalition force commanders, to conduct combined operations.

• Two B707 tanker aircraft to support air-to-air refuelling operations

In addition Australia will continue to maintain the presence of one guided missle frigate to support the Multinational Interception Force implementing UN Security Council Resolutions. The HMAS Anzac will be replaced by the HMAS Sydney. In addition to these forces there is the additional commitment of:

• A naval task group comprising one amphibious command ship with organic helicopter capabilities, and a frigate as escort; • Four FA18A aircraft to provide support for the air defence of coalition forces; • One frigate, with embarked helicopter capability, to assist in the coalition's naval protection of

shipping effort.